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Air conditioning repair should not wait until summer arrives

Schedule your seasonal air conditioner maintenance to beat the heat

Air conditioning repair can’t happen quickly enough when you’re sweltering through the first hot and humid stretch of the spring in northeast Wisconsin. Scheduling your air conditioner maintenance early in the season ensures your system is ready to go when Mother Nature cranks up the heat.

Seemingly every year it happens. We suffer through a late winter that seems to drag on for weeks, only to have the weather suddenly skip past spring and give us a dose of mid-summer steaminess. Our phones at Robinson Heating & Cooling start ringing off the hook as customers realize they need air conditioning repair and they want it now.

Getting on our schedule to have your AC maintenance completed before this rush gives you peace of mind in knowing your system will be ready to go when called upon. Air conditioning repair may not be as critical as furnace repair in the dead of winter, but suffering through sleepless nights in a hot house is not good for your health, either.

A system upgrade may be your solution to air conditioning repair

Robinson Heating & Cooling offers emergency air conditioning repair service for those times when your system fails outside of regular business hours. However, we have seen refrigerant leaks in older units that result in an entirely new air conditioner installation being a better option.

The reason behind this is the R22 refrigerant that many older air conditioners use. This type of refrigerant has become very expensive to replace because it is no longer manufactured. Modern air conditioners use the R-410A refrigerant, which is more efficient and has a minimal environmental impact.

Ask about our Energy Savings Agreement (ESA) for your air conditioning repair. Our prepaid ESA covers maintenance and discounts on new parts for a variety of home comfort equipment including the furnace and programmable thermostat as well as your air conditioner.

Robinson Heating & Cooling, LLC; More than 45 years of HVAC experience

Robinson Heating & Cooling has been serving Northeast Wisconsin since 1975. As the region’s trusted source for residential and commercial HVAC services, Robinson Heating & Cooling repairs most makes and models of heating and cooling equipment in addition to installing new equipment from leading brands. Our retail store and offices are located at 1649 Sand Acres Drive in De Pere, Wisconsin.

Visit or call (920) 490-3394 for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.

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  1. Zachary Tomlinson

    Thanks for explaining how you should have your AC unit maintained by a professional since they’ll keep your cooling unit running without issues! I want to help my brother in owning a new home and ensuring that it’s comfortable year-round. I will talk to him about finding a local AC expert in the future.

  2. ServiceOne Protect

    Absolutely agree that waiting for summer to address air conditioning issues is not wise. Last spring, I noticed reduced airflow, and turns out, a simple repair was needed. Thanks to your tips, I won’t delay calling a professional this time around.

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