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Air conditioning replacement leverages benefits of new technology

Whole house air purifier improves your home’s indoor air quality

Air conditioning replacement gives homeowners the opportunity to upgrade this piece of home comfort equipment and take advantage of technology advances in the industry. The air conditioning replacement experts at Robinson Heating & Cooling can help you identify the appropriate model for your home’s specific configuration.

Most air conditioners last about 15-20 years with proper maintenance. That’s a lot of time for manufacturers to make the level of engineering advances that make air conditioning replacement a good choice. Today’s air conditioning units are much more efficient than their predecessors, and can save you money in the long run.

Now that summer is here, our technicians stay busy with air conditioning repair calls for units that have reached the end of their effective lifecycles. You may want to consider pairing air conditioning replacement with whole house air purifier installation to bring your home’s indoor air up to date.

Whole house air purifier cleans the air when the windows are shut

Wisconsin homeowners sometimes go weeks without opening their windows during the heat of summer, much less the six months (or more) of typical non-summer northern weather. Adding a whole house air purifier with your air conditioning replacement can remove a variety of contaminants present in your home and can make a significant difference to your indoor air quality.

The technology in a whole house air purifier is designed to capture dust, mold, pet dander and many other mostly invisible solids that are floating in your home’s air. The barrier inside the purifier stops these contaminants from passing through your HVAC system before they can pollute the air again.

Contact Robinson Heating & Cooling today to learn more about air conditioning replacement and whole house air purifier options that can turn your home into a cleaner, more efficient living experience.

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