Pat B.

Went very well. Our technicians were efficient and conscious of not leaving dirty tracks behind. Job well done!


Kristin J.

LOVE THE HUMIDIFIER! We can already feel the difference. Our Robinson Heating & Cooling technician was awesome and explained everything clearly – thank you!


Andrea S.

Great team! They were on time. Did a great job and left it as clean as when they started.


Ed H.

My interaction was mostly with our technician and I found him to be very professional and interested in keeping me informed on the project’s progress. I am very pleased with the service provided.


Dependable Air Conditioning Products and Installation, Guaranteed

One size does not fit all when it comes to home air conditioners. Robinson Heating & Cooling’s HVAC professionals will evaluate your home and recommend a properly sized air conditioner based on variables such as square footage, windows, sun exposure and existing duct work.

An air conditioning unit that is too small may not cool your home effectively, while a unit that is too large will be costly to install, use more energy, and potentially cause problems with duct work designed for smaller systems.

You can assist in the process by telling our technicians about any rooms that tend to be too hot or cold, remodeling or additions you have planned, and if you have any updates planned for windows or insulation.

Compare Energy Efficiency Ratings

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) is a scale of measurement pertaining to the efficiency of air conditioning units. Robinson Heating & Cooling carries a line of Energy Star products that all have a SEER of 14 or higher (higher is better). Keep this in mind when researching your new central air conditioning system.

Protect Your Air Conditioner Investment

Follow the manufacturer’s recommended preventive maintenance to keep the warranty valid and extend your air conditioner’s lifespan. Here are a few more tips that will help maximize the efficiency of your unit:

Change the filters – Not just once a year, but every month or so during the season. Doing so will remove dirt, dander and allergens from circulating through your home, not to mention help your air conditioner operate efficiently.

Keep the area around the outside unit free of debris – Plant life and other organic materials can accumulate on your condenser coil and affect your air conditioner’s performance.

Check your window seals – Air-tight seals prevent cold air from leaking out and warm air from getting in.

Call us at (920) 490-3394 to schedule a free consultation or request emergency air conditioner repair services.

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