Tech in basement showing filter to owner
They did an excellent job!

– Robert G.

Great job by both Troy and Steve!

– Donna B.

Troy worked very hard and was friendly and professional. The unit looks and works great….thank you!

– Debbie N.

Excellent job, very tidy, answered all our questions.

– Mary Kay B.

Very professional. Very helpful. Explained new thermostat in full detail. Great representatives for your company.

– Jeff N.

Always knowledgeable, dependable and courteous. Left our home/basement tidy and warm!!

– Philip N.

Thank you work was done beautifully.

– Bill L.

Great work! Would recommend!

– Kim U.

Our installer was so very nice and polite, and helpful and very conscientious! Thank you!!

– Julie W.

Troy put in extra effort to find the gas line that was not hooked up. Great job!!

– Tom P.

It was great to work with guys who are knowledgeable and clean.

– Jim C.

Troy was very thorough explaining the new equipment and how to operate and maintain them. They were extremely clean!

– Peggy S.

Troy and Jon were very friendly. They kept me updated with the progress of the installation. Good at teaching about programming the thermostat.

– Linda C.

Fast, friendly and polite. Asked if I had questions and helped with rebates. Great service – always! Thank you!

– Margaret M.

Excellent service and very knowledgeable. Caleb diagnosed the problem and Troy/Paul did an exceptional install. Really took their time and made some great modifications for us. Thank you!!

– Marty K.

Troy did a fantastic job! Did a nice job of explaining the new system to us. Thank you!

– Mark K.

Our entire experience was amazing. Kaleb who initially worked on our unit was wonderful. Brad went above and beyond, and Troy and Aron were extremely professional and thorough in their work. Everything was exceptional. Thank you.

– Laurie M.

Excellent work from Ryan’s initial visit and attempts to get it working temporarily, to Troy and Spencer installing the unit. Always kept us informed.

– Chris E.

These guys worked hard and did an excellent job!

– Mike Q.

Very professional.

– Bernard L.

First class service. Thank you!

– Jeff G.

Great job! Thanks!

– Randall P.

Went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you very much.

– Holly T.

Both techs were excellent, very polite. Rate 11 out of 10.

– Robert W.

Went very well. Our technicians were efficient and conscious of not leaving dirty tracks behind. Job well done!

– Pat B.

LOVE THE HUMIDIFIER! We can already feel the difference. Our Robinson Heating & Cooling technician was awesome and explained everything clearly – thank you!

– Kristin J.

Great team! They were on time. Did a great job and left it as clean as when they started.

– Andrea S.

>My interaction was mostly with our technician and I found him to be very professional and interested in keeping me informed on the project’s progress. I am very pleased with the service provided.

– Ed H.

Protect Your Home and Family by Improving Indoor Air Quality

Award Winning Indoor Air Quality Service for Green Bay and Fox Valley Homeowners.

Why Invest in IAQ?

There are many reasons for a family to install premium indoor air quality products in their home. Robinson Heating & Cooling provides options for those with serious health issues and also in homes where overly wet/dry air may damage the structure itself or cause mold.

In most cases though, homeowners upgrade their IAQ systems so that they can breathe better air. Air inside the home is many times dirtier than outside air and that’s because pet hair, smoke, dander and dust mites get blown around endlessly by the home’s fans. Advanced purification and filtration options are a healthy investment and the home will be more comfortable as well.

Air quality inside your home greatly affects your health. The air inside of your home is less healthy than the air outside. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss air quality improvements that make sense for you. Our services include:

  • Air duct sealing to save energy by keeping air from leaking through cracks in your ducts.
  • De-humidification system installation for hot, humid summers.
  • Humidification system installation to combat dry winter air.
  • Indoor air purification system installation to remove airborne pollutants from your home.
  • Zoned heating and air conditioning system installation allows you to control specifically which rooms you heat and cool and also how much.

Improve your home health!

Our team installs whole-home air purification systems, improves the duct work, cleans air ducts and performs evaluations to determine which products are most beneficial. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are many ways to improve the air quality in your house:

  1. Prevent mold by controlling the moisture in your home. This can include dehumidifying your home and checking for mold in places it is likely to develop. If mold is present anywhere in the home call us for a free consultation.
  2. Reduce asthma triggers by vacuuming regularly and changing sheets and towels often. Particles found in carpet, blankets, and mattresses can cause breathing problems and minor allergic reactions.
  3. Keep your home smoke-free. Smoke outside. Secondhand smoke contains hazardous chemicals and can cause or exacerbate breathing problems, particularly in children and pets.
  4. Install Carbon Monoxide alarms. Carbon Monoxide is odorless, colorless and poisonous gas; when too much builds up in an enclosed space, it is deadly.
  5. Use and properly maintain your ventilation system to clear out any trapped chemicals and airborne contaminants in your home. Robinson can help you properly ventilate even the most tricky areas so give us a call.
  6. Clean your filters in your HVAC units monthly. Dirty filters cause the heating or cooling system to run poorly and can end up releasing built up airborne particles if not changed every month.