HVAC Tune-Ups in Green Bay and the Fox Valley

Don’t Ignore This Critical Step in Home Maintenance

Heating and air conditioning systems feature a variety of moving parts that combine to pull air from the outside, control its temperature, and then distribute it throughout your home. Scheduling annual maintenance is a good first step to keeping your home’s comfort systems in peak operating condition as well as maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty.

Here are some of the tasks the Robinson Heating & Cooling team performs as part of an air conditioning system tune-up:

We clean your evaporator coil and condenser coil – Coils are responsible for changing the temperature of the air. More refrigerant is needed when they’re dirty, causing the unit to run longer than necessary.

We clean the motors – Lint, dirt and what looks like heavy dust can clog your system’s motors. This is a problem because heat becomes trapped and makes the motor work harder.

We check the refrigerant level – We check the refrigerant pressure and compare it to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Undercharged systems affect the level of cool air pumped into your home, while an overcharged system poses an even greater threat because it can sludge up and damage the main components.

We inspect the system for threats of breakdown – While it is impossible to foresee every issue, our expert technicians can identify most issues before a major failure occurs.

We share information with you – We provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about the state of your air conditioning system.

Call us at (920) 490-3394 to schedule your maintenance appointment or request emergency air conditioner or furnace repair services.

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