Awkward and Overworked: The Story of the Dinosaur Furnace

For homeowners in and around Green Bay, WI.

We see them every winter, true legends of Brown County, dinosaur furnaces. Aggressive energy hogs with large footprints dwelling in the dark cool caves all around us. There are many dinosaur furnaces in Green Bay, De Pere, and throughout the area. Not until we rid the streets of these dinosaurs will energy efficiency and money savings have room to grow.

Most modern furnaces fall into three categories:

Standard Efficiency55% – 70% AFUE ratingFunctional and economicalEnergy efficient pilot light
Medium Efficiency80% – 83% AFUE ratingEnergy efficient motorsVariable speed motors
High Efficiency93% – 98.5% AFUE ratingSafer, two vent pipe systemVariable speed motors

And then there are…

Dinosaur Furnaces
55% – 70% AFUE rating
Continuous pilot light
Heavy duty heat exchanger


They’ve Paid For Themselves Already

25 years of service life is not uncommon from a properly maintained furnace. Green Bay produces very rough winters and these units are run hard. Dinosaur furnaces have paid their dues, been ran through their paces, and often times given it all. It may be time for a furnace replacement.

This is a dinosaur furnace that, while it still runs, is inefficient and old. Below is an example of a new furnace and air conditioner that can help you save energy on your energy bill.

Energy Efficient Upgrades and Furnace Rebates:

Regional, state, and federal rebates are available for homeowners looking to replace their furnace. At Robinson, we work together with HVAC manufacturers to be sure that our customers get the most for their hard-earned dollar.

Our team is also aware of various government rebates and incentives and will help you get the most bang for your buck no matter what system you choose.
Though built tough and strong, it’s time to retire these furnaces. It’s time to embrace the cost savings, energy efficiency, and true convenience of today’s furnaces and air conditioning systems.

Robinson Heating & Cooling has ample experience replacing, maintaining, and repairing the dinosaur furnaces of Brown County. At the call of our customers we will continue to put our honest natured, experienced, and kind service technicians to work for you. In some cases, we’ve nearly rebuilt furnaces from the ground up over time. Another option, however, is to replace old furnaces. Today’s furnaces are state of the art and truly valuable machines no matter what price point you choose.