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Central air repair can add years to the life of your unit

Robinson Heating & Cooling can keep you comfortable in the summer heat

Central air repair in Green Bay, Wisconsin, may sound costly, but our customers will tell you this service is nothing short of a lifesaver during hot and humid summer stretches. Robinson Heating & Cooling specializes in central air repair for homes and businesses throughout northeast Wisconsin.

Your central air conditioner likely has been a workhorse for you for many years. However, even the highest-quality units don’t last forever, which is why our professional technicians are busy all summer long performing central air repair services.

Just because your central air conditioner isn’t working properly doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new one. In fact, we have seen where central air repair can add many years to the life of a unit. Our technicians can tell you quickly whether your unit is worth investing in repair or if it has come to the end of its useful life.

There are health benefits to investing in central air repair

Central air repair for your home brings with it a variety of health benefits as well as the obvious comfort advantages over a poorly operating unit. In addition, make sure you regularly change your air filters.

Minimize mold – If your central air conditioner is operating correctly, it will remove humidity from your home making it difficult for mold to grow. Mold thrives in damp environments, which your home should not be.

Eliminate odors – Your central air conditioner paired with a UV filter should cycle out unpleasant smells caused by chemicals, pets and dirt in the course of normal operation.

Improve sleep and concentration – Sleep plays an important role in your health. There is also a proven connection between sleep and concentration levels. Working at home requires its own level of concentration compared to a workplace. You will get a better night’s sleep and find it easier to concentrate in a comfortable environment compared to being in a hot, humid house.

Relieve allergy and asthma sufferers – Central air repair will ensure your unit is filtering out dirty air that can contain particles such as dust mites, allergens and humidity that can promote mold growth. All of these can contribute to asthma attacks when left unchecked.

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