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Consider a two-stage furnace for enhanced comfort in your home

Energy efficiency makes a two-stage furnace a wise investment

Wisconsin’s winter heating season is fast approaching, and Robinson Heating & Cooling is already hearing from customers who are researching the benefits of installing a two-stage furnace in their home. Those benefits come down to two primary factors: comfort and energy efficiency.

A two-stage furnace features two operating levels (low and high) that lead to a more consistent temperature than single-stage furnaces. Rather than running at full power or not at all like a single-stage furnace, a two-stage furnace typically runs consistently at its lower setting and maintains a steadier room temperature.

“The dual power levels give two-stage furnaces a big advantage over single-stage furnaces when it comes to reducing temperature fluctuations in your home,” explains Mike Taicher, co-owner of Robinson Heating & Cooling. “The high power mode is available for those really cold days, allowing your furnace to kick in to another gear and keep you comfortable.”

A two-stage furnace can save money on your energy bill

The consistent operation of a two-stage furnace on its low power mode provides energy efficiency advantages over single-stage furnaces that kick into full power whenever the thermostat triggers its operation. This performance characteristic is similar to the superior gas mileage you get with a steady speed in a vehicle compared to stop-and-go traffic.

While supply chain issues have eased since the height of the global shortage, scheduling a time to install your two-stage furnace is the primary challenge today. Installation dates can range from four to six weeks out from when you place your order, which means planning ahead is to your benefit.

“Our team can take care of air purifier installations and other HVAC services often during the furnace installation. We can help with emergency situations as well,” Mike says. ”But installing a new two-stage furnace will dramatically reduce your chances of needing that level of service.”

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