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Five signs you may need a boiler replacement

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Boiler replacement in Green Bay is an investment most homeowners and building owners try to put off as long as possible. While it’s only natural to avoid a major expense, the fact is that looking into boiler replacement sooner than later has its benefits.

Boilers provide clues that indicate they are nearing the end of efficient operation. Understanding these warning signs enables you to plan for boiler replacement rather than getting hit with an unexpected expense. Robinson Heating & Cooling technicians can let you know if boiler repair or replacement is your best option.

Boiler replacement warning signs

  1. Your boiler’s warranty has expired
    Cast iron boilers can last 20 years or more with regular maintenance, while condensing boilers can last 15 years or longer. Boiler technology has evolved to the point where boiler replacement can make sense from an energy efficiency standpoint even if the unit itself still has some life in it. Check the warranty on your unit to see if it has expired, especially with regard to the heat exchanger.
  2. Inconsistent heating
    It could be a sign that the controls on your boiler are no longer working effectively if you notice a significant difference in temperature between different rooms in your house or during different times of the day.
  3. Water leaks from your boiler
    This seems simple enough, but your boiler should not leak or require additional water. Contact a boiler specialist immediately to determine if boiler replacement may be necessary.
  4. Your energy bills are higher than usual
    Keep an eye on your energy bills to get an idea whether your boiler is working harder than it did a year ago in similar weather conditions. A significant change could indicate your boiler is not performing well and is losing efficiency.</li
  5. Discoloration of flame or more soot
    Your carbon monoxide detector may alert you to the fact your boiler is not burning fuel properly. Also, the existence of black soot on oil boilers or yellow flames on gas burners are potential signs your boiler is creating carbon monoxide.

Contact Robinson Heating & Cooling to schedule your regular boiler maintenance visit, and ensure your home remains safe and energy efficient before a boiler replacement is needed.

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