Armstrong Air Products are Available at Robinson Heating & Cooling

Armstrong air Products, Including Armstrong Air’s Pro Series™, are Available in Green Bay and the Fox Valley at Robinson Heating & Cooling.

Imagine what it would feel like to step through your front door and have your home feel just the way you want it to, every single day. That’s the power of the Armstrong Air’s Pro Series™, which is offered exclusively by the most experienced and professional Armstrong Air dealers such as Robinson Heating & Cooling.

Why Choose Armstrong’s Pro Series™?

Every Pro Series system is created around the Comfort Sync™ WiFi thermostat, which allows you to control your home’s temperature from your smartphone or other mobile device. Comfort Sync zoning allows even more personalization by dividing your home into up to four different areas, or zones, each with its own temperature control.

Armstrong Air Pro Series systems with variable-capacity operation adjust their output in small increments, like a dimmer switch. This helps keep temperatures and humidity within an optimal range. It also keeps equipment running at peak efficiency by precisely matching heating and cooling with demand.

The perfect home environment is about more than temperatures. It’s also about cleaner, fresher, healthier air. The Pro Series includes powerful air filtration products and precise humidity control, to optimize the air in your home in every way.

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