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Options abound to improve indoor air quality in Green Bay

Robinson Heating & Cooling offers a variety of indoor air quality solutions

Indoor air quality in Green Bay is a concern among homeowners every spring as allergy season, pet dander and other impurities can affect sleep and overall health. Robinson Heating & Cooling offers a variety of indoor air quality solutions that deliver cleaner air for everyone in your house.

Filters that fit into your home’s heating and air conditioning system are the most common method for removing larger particles from the air in your home. These relatively inexpensive products carry different ratings depending how effective they are in capturing increasingly small particles.

HEPA filters – High-efficiency particle arrestor (HEPA) filters trap and hold particles as small as .03 microns. Most of the particles in your home’s air are smaller than 1 micron, making HEPA filters much more effective than the paper filters sold by retail stores. Typical paper filters collect particles as small as 10 microns in size, missing out on about 98 percent of the particulates in the air.

UV air purifiers – Ultraviolet (UV) filters use short-wave light to inactivate pathogens and airborne microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and viruses. Air is forced through a UV air purifier and past a UV lamp, which cleans the air before releasing it back into your home.

Carbon air filters – Lennox offers a Carbon Clean 16™ air filter under its Healthy Climate® Solutions brand that fits into your home’s standard disposable air filter slot. These filters use activated, carbon-coated fibers to remove particles and germs from your home’s air. The Carbon Clean 16™ reaches an industry-leading MERV 16 rating on the 1-16 Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value scale.

Lennox’s indoor air quality systems improve air throughout your home

The Lennox line of Healthy Climate® Solutions air purification systems are among the best on the market for indoor air quality. Our expert technicians meet with homeowners to determine the appropriate systems or filters for each situation.

These products work with your central heating and cooling system to improve the air quality throughout your home. They deliver a more effective indoor air quality solution than portable air quality products.

Customers looking for a premium indoor air quality system choose the PureAir™ S Air Purification System from Lennox. This system uses three types of technology to control every type of indoor air pollution, including bacteria, mold, viruses, fungi, and even smells and chemical vapors.

The PureAir™ S Air Purification System removes or destroys 90 percent of flu and cold viruses, bacteria and other living microorganisms down to 0.01 micron. Unlike most other indoor air quality products on the market, the PureAir™ S Air Purification System does not produce any ozone and actually works to reduce this lung irritant.

Robinson Heating & Cooling; 45 years of HVAC experience

Robinson Heating & Cooling has been serving the Green Bay, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas since 1975. As the region’s trusted source for residential, commercial and industrial HVAC services, Robinson Heating & Cooling repairs most makes and models of heating and cooling equipment in addition to installing new equipment from leading brands.

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