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Your source for a whole house air purifier installation in Green Bay

Robinson Heating & Cooling is a leader among Wisconsin HVAC contractors

For all the time and effort you put into the visual upkeep of your home, it is what you can’t see that has the biggest impact on your family’s health. Air quality inside your home generally is poor compared to the air outside, yet relatively few homeowners invest in a whole house air purifier.

Homeowners increasingly are turning to Robinson Heating & Cooling, a division of Robinson Metal, Inc. to provide whole house air purifier installation services in the Green Bay area. Robinson’s indoor air quality service helps remove pet hair, dust mites and other impurities so you can breathe cleaner air.

A whole house air purifier is a major source of healthier air

The Robinson Heating & Cooling team will evaluate your home to determine which products are the most beneficial in your specific case. Whole house air purifiers are a major cog in the process, complemented by air duct cleaning and other tips that can improve the quality of air inside your house.

Here are some easy tips for cleaner air:

Change your filters — Dirty filters in your heating and cooling systems can release particles into your home’s air. Changing them every month is a good practice, particularly if you have pets.

Reduce asthma and other breathing triggers — Vacuum regularly, change your sheets and wash the blankets you use on the couch.

Minimize mold — The presence of mold can be a significant health risk for some people. Control the moisture levels in your home with dehumidifiers, and check for mold in places it is likely to develop.

Maintain your ventilation system –Clearing out airborne contaminants is a job for professionals. Robinson Heating & Cooling can properly ventilate even the trickiest areas of your home.

Change your carbon monoxide detectors –Carbon monoxide detectors have a limited lifespan. If yours are five years old or more, they should be replaced.

Contact Robinson Heating & Cooling today to discuss whole house air purifier installation and other air quality improvements that make sense for your home.

Robinson Heating & Cooling; more than 40 years of HVAC experience

Robinson Heating & Cooling has been serving the Green Bay, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas since 1975. As the region’s trusted source for residential, commercial and industrial HVAC services, Robinson Heating & Cooling repairs all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment in addition to installing new equipment from leading brands. Call (920) 490-3394 for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.

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