A.F.U.E. and YOU

The Annual Fuel Utilization Rating (AFUE) is One of the Most Important Aspects to Consider When Replacing your Furnace

Above: Example of AFUE rating label

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Here in De Pere, we certainly use a lot of fuel to heat our home. An AFUE rating is used to showcase how much heat a furnace will provide compared to another furnace while still using the same amount of fuel. Gas furnaces, oil furnaces and electric heating systems all have an AFUE rating. Even wood burning furnaces have an AFUE rating (generally between 50–90%). The biggest impact in cost depends on the type of fuel you use to heat your home (natural gas, electric, oil, etc.).  AFUE ratings, however, do not serve as an apples to apples between two separate types of heating fuels. Instead they offer a comparison between two heat sources with the same fuel type..

The AFUE Rating is a Government Sponsored and Enforced Mandate That Helps Homeowners Make an Educated Decision.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires new furnaces or boilers to display an AFUE rating so consumers can compare the heating efficiency of various models. The AFUE of a furnace can be found on the large yellow sticker affixed to the new furnace. The same information can also be found readily online.

What Goes in to the Annual Furnace Efficiency Rating?