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Cost to replace a furnace depends on a variety of factors

The size of your house and type of furnace are the primary variables

Furnaces have already kicked in throughout northeast Wisconsin as the colors turn and winter awaits just around the corner. We field numerous questions this time of year regarding the cost to replace a furnace, and our quick answer is it depends. There are a number of factors that come into play.

Factors that a Robinson Heating & Cooling technician would take into consideration when making a recommendation include:

  • Window exposure and the directions of those windows
  • Amount of shade around your home
  • Square footage to be heated
  • Ceiling heights
  • Existing ductwork
  • Number of levels or stories to be heated
  • Type of furnace

Predictably, the cost to replace a powerful furnace capable of heating a large, older home would be significantly more than the cost to replace a furnace needed in a smaller, well-built newer home.

The process of replacing your furnace might also be a good time to ask your Robinson Heating & Cooling specialist whether zone heating and cooling technology is appropriate for your home.

Home design impacts the cost to replace a furnace

Our technicians will tell you one of the most important variables in determining the final price tag in the cost to replace a furnace has little to do with the equipment itself. It has everything to do with what the job entails.

In other words, will the installation be a relatively simple one with plenty of room for technicians to maneuver? Or is it a small space that will require some level of structural adjustments or ductwork to complete the process?

The benefits of replacing an old furnace before it fails can be significant. In addition to giving you peace of mind that your home will remain safe and warm all winter, the efficiencies of today’s furnace technology likely will reduce your energy bills.

Note: Supply chain challenges are affecting the ability of Robinson Heating & Cooling and other companies to obtain equipment from manufacturers. This may contribute to scheduling delays for replacement and installation appointments. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work with our suppliers to address this issue.

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