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Gas furnace repair can result in years more of use

Any of these low-cost solutions make gas furnace repair a good choice

The last thing you want to face in the middle of a Wisconsin winter is the cost to replace a furnace. That’s why gas furnace repair is the cost-effective option of choice for homeowners who are hoping to coax a few more years out of this important piece of their home comfort system.

A Robinson Heating & Cooling technician can tell you relatively quickly if gas furnace repair is a viable option for you. Many repair options are low-cost and require only one visit. It is important to keep in mind that a malfunctioning gas furnace can put your family’s health at risk, making it a task you should not put off.

Your pilot light is flickering, weak or has a strange color — This is very important because any change to your pilot light could indicate a carbon monoxide problem. Call us immediately for this critical gas furnace repair.

Clogged air filter — Out of sight, out of mind makes clogged air filters a common issue during our gas furnace repair visits. Your furnace needs air to operate properly, making it a good idea to swap out the filters every few months for optimal performance.

Furnace isn’t blowing air — The most common reason we see for this is debris clogging the blower. This can happen when air filters are not changed on a regular schedule. Call us if you notice a lack in airflow or a change in normal operation, as this will require a technician.

Malfunctioning thermostat — This might be the case if your fan runs constantly. Set your fan to auto to see if it runs constantly at a variety of heat settings. If so, you might need our technician to install a new thermostat.

Frayed belt on your blower — A high-pitched sound from your furnace is a common sign you may need a new belt. Repairing this will improve the performance of your fan.

Your furnace kicks on often — This could indicate any of several issues, including clogged filters or blowers, or even thermostat problems. If your furnace kicks in almost immediately after finishing a cycle, it may be a sign you would benefit from a gas furnace repair visit.

Cracked heat exchanger — The role of the heat exchanger is to separate the poisonous flue gasses from the air in your home. This gas furnace repair issue is one of the most costly ones, but it’s still better than getting a whole new furnace.

Strange noises from your furnace — Your furnace isn’t supposed to make harsh noises such as scraping, pinging or rattling. If it does, it could be an indication of worn out bearings or other moving parts. Our technicians can provide the gas furnace repair you need to get your unit running efficiently again.

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