A Satisfied Customer: Replacing an Oil Boiler with a Natural Gas Boiler

Are you thinking about replacing your boiler? This is a high efficiency, modulating Triangle Tube Solo 110 Boiler with a SMART40 Indirect water heater that we installed in De Pere, WI that replaced an old, inefficient fuel oil boiler. This new unit operates via natural gas, making it easier to use, more efficient, and is far better for the environment, as it cuts back on emissions and soot. This boiler/water heater will now heat all of the water for the space heating in the home as well as the domestic hot water the customer uses in their home. This change will save the customer hundreds of dollars in heating and water heating bills every year.

A natural gas boiler may be the right choice for your home-call Robinson today at (920) 490-3394 to discuss replacing your old, inefficient fuel oil boiler!