Winterizing Your Home

With winter fast approaching, Robinson Heating & Cooling is here to help you prepare for the cold while saving money on heating bills. It can be very easy to forget to winterize your home until it’s almost too late. Don’t be caught unawares; begin winterizing your home when it is still consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Begin by winterizing your outdoor equipment and areas outside your home. Robinson Heating & Cooling can assist you in winterizing your air conditioner, which will require draining hoses and performing a basic cleanup before shutting down your A/C for a period of months. Cleaning your roof of any debris and checking for loose branches on trees around your home will prevent possible damage that may happen due to snow build-up. Any exposed pipes should be insulated and secured before freezing occurs.

Indoors, first check for drafts around windows, doors, light switches, and power outlets. Seal any problematic places with a door or window sealant, or with specialized insulating plastic sheeting. Turn down your water heater and thermostat-for every degree you turn down your thermostat, you save 3% on energy bills.

Finally, call Robinson Heating & Cooling to schedule your yearly maintenance for your heating systems. Optimize your home’s heating system and save money on your winter energy bills!