Wi-Fi Thermostats Provide Convenience and Cost Savings

Wi-Fi Thermostats Provide Convenience and Cost Savings

For homeowners in and around Green Bay, WI.

Furnace replacement guide brought to you by Robinson Heating & Cooling.

Smart thermostats offer many benefits but their cost savings and ease of use often surprises our customers. Programmable thermostats are a superior product to traditional thermostats. They are valuable and offer homeowners more features than their predecessors.

Wi-Fi thermostats offer unmatched control and convenience. They also help to save money. Touchscreen models are easy to use and generally work with all types of furnaces and central air conditioning systems, including heat-pumps. Even if the home’s internet is offline, your Wi-Fi thermostat will still work properly and offer simple programmability.

WiFi enabled thermostat

The Comfort of Control.

Wi-Fi compatibility allows families to control Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems from across the room or across the country. Remote control offers homeowners the ability to ensure that the home is always at a comfortable temperature when needed. It also allows for the option to change the home’s temperature when not at home.

Wi-Fi thermostats: Technology of the Future.

Wi-Fi thermostats offer a proactive approach to furnace and a/c repair. Wi-Fi enables HVAC systems to provide timely notifications when service is needed. You can catch problems quickly and prevent an emergency, as well as the high cost of emergency repairs.
The popularity and extensive benefits of Wi-Fi enabled thermostats are a few reasons these products will continue to dominate the market. Consumers are pleased with the features and benefits of remote control!

Wi-Fi Thermostats come in various shapes, sizes, and with different capabilities.

Zone Control and Wi-Fi Access.

Wi-Fi access allows for control of multiple heating and cooling ‘zones’ as well. Multiple units can be conveniently programmed at home, or from across town, simply by using a smartphone or an internet connected tablet. If you’re considering bettering your HVAC system by adding zone control, please call Robinson Heating and Cooling to schedule a consultation!

Large Touch Screens and Simple Programming.

Wi-Fi control turns your smart phone or tablet into a large, interactive thermostat. Moreover, the actual thermostat that hangs on your wall is attractive and intuitive. Programming your thermostat has never been easier.

While programmable thermostats are paramount to an energy efficient HVAC system, Wi-Fi thermostats and Wi-Fi integrated heating and cooling systems offer distinct advantages.

No matter the size of the home or HVAC system, every homeowner can take advantage of Wi-Fi control for their heating and cooling system. Even those who do not have Wi-Fi can appreciate the plethora of features and money saving benefits that these advanced thermostats provide.

Some of the wi-fi products available can learn from your habits and usage to provide a cost saving schedule that keeps the home comfortable. Other wi-fi products have functionality built in that can email you regular reports showing how much electricity you’ve used and where you may want to consider making moneysaving adjustments.

Our favorite feature, by far, is the Wi-Fi thermostats’ ability to notify homeowners when there is a problem with the furnace or air conditioner. There is no substitute for preventative maintenance and repair. At Robinson Heating and Cooling, we want your home to be safe and comfortable. We also respect the value of a hard-earned dollar. Preventative repairs are much less expensive to address than untimely emergency repair.

Modern thermostats are truly a game changer. Heating and cooling systems are extremely complicated machines and smart thermostats offer a convenient way to control and maintain them. The control, money savings, and convenience of the Wi-Fi thermostat offer plenty for us to rave about. The handsome looks and touch screen ease of use offer a nice bonus as well.

Furnace replacement guide brought to you by Robinson Heating and Cooling.