The Benefits of Natural Gas Boilers

Natural gas has its advantages. If you are thinking about switching from a fuel oil boiler to a natural gas boiler, here is a list of reasons detailing how switching can benefit you, your home, and your wallet:

  1. No more oil. Natural gas is typically piped into your home, cutting down on maintaining the oil in the boiler and eliminating the need to run out and buy some in an emergency. Oil also smells and produces lots of soot. Natural gas is odorless when in use and produces very few emissions, helping out the environment and cutting down on cleaning time.
  2. Save money. Natural gas costs less than oil. Because natural gas is also far more efficient, it will also cost less to heat your home, saving you hundreds of dollars a year in heating costs. A natural gas boiler also tends to cost less; the units are cheaper to produce than oil burning boilers.
  3. Help the environment. Natural gas is cleaner than oil to burn, produces less soot, and the way it is obtained is better for the environment. Natural gas is gathered from pipes run deep underground; no oil wells or drills are required.

Recently, we posted an example of a successful natural gas boiler installation. That satisfied customer will now be saving money on heating costs because they decided to replace their old unit with a more efficient boiler. Call Robinson Heating and Cooling today at (920) 490-3394 to discuss replacing your fuel oil boiler today!